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What is a “Mark”?

The Trademark Ordinance 2001 says that “Mark, in selective, is a material, label, address, stamp, ticket, the name having a person’s name, designation, statement, letter, numerical, symbolic elements, colors, sound or/and a mixture thereof.”

What is a “Trademark” (TM)?

Trademark is a sign or symbol that any business, goods or services used to differentiate them from the rest. It can be graphically represented such as a company’s logo or just a signature.

Wikipedia defines trademark as “A recognizable sign, design or expression, which identifies products or services of a particular source from those of others.” It includes brand name, mark, logo, font art, image, numerical, signature or anything related to it or a combination of these. As per Trademark Ordinance 2001, a trademark is defined as “Trademark intends any mark able of being described graphically which is worthy of choosing goods or services of one undertaking from these of other undertakings.”

Trademark Services In Pakistan

Trademarks Registry (TMR) is a body administered under the federal government. It sets the rules and procedures to register the Trademarks for different companies and their products. It functions under IPO, and the working is similar to that of a civil court. The head office of Trademarks Registry (TMR) is located in Karachi.

Why Is Trademark Registration Essential?

In today’s world, the business environment needs branding and impact factor that is essential for any company or business. In any business, customer satisfaction has the highest significance, and no business can run without it.

With the popularity of brand’s name, several rivals and competitors try to misuse the brand name or their trademark to expand their sales. Hence, it damages to the original company’s brand. In this case, it is necessary to register the trademark, logo, image, signature of the company or brand and secure the rights to its usage.

What Is The Criterion For Registration Of A Trademark?

For trademark registration, it is necessary that this proposed trademark is new and not in use by any other company or services. It can be a directly descriptive term, any geographical word or a surname. It should also distinguish the brand from other brands and should not be misleading for the public in any regard.

How An Infringement Of Trademark Occurs?

A trademark is infringed when any unauthorized use of this mark takes place. Any other mark that is substantially identical or deceptively similar to it is also a violation of intellectual property rights of the respective brand.

What Is The Role Of A Trademark Legal Team?

A trademark lawyer is a proficiently qualified person who acts on behalf of a client whose right of intellectual property has been infringed or is on the verge of infringement. It is necessary to hire professional services as the legal matters are not understandable and practicable by an ordinary person that represents a company.

Trademark Laws In Pakistan

Trademark Ordinance 2001:

Trademark Ordinance 2001 is a remedy by law that safeguards the intellectual property rights of a person or company when there is a case of violation of a registered trademark.

Objectives of Trademarks Ordinance 2001 (Pakistan)

    • To amend and consolidate the laws governing trademarks and misuse of intellectual property rights.
    • To provide registration for the new trademarks.
    • To protect the already existing trademarks.
    • To provide a remedy in case of an infringement of trademark registration.

The listing of brands in Pakistan (appointed under section-17 of Ordinance and trademark registry) and organized under section-9 of the ordinance 2001 work supporting the control of Intellectual Property Organization (IPO) Pakistan.

Currently, the Registration Certificate is issued under the rules set by Trademark Ordinance 2001. It is applicable in Pakistan in all matters including registration process and liabilities on the trademark. This Trademark Ordinance 2001 has annulled The Trademark Act of 1940. The Act of 1940 was rather conventional, and 2001 Ordinance introduces new legal concepts, which were not a part of the previous act.

Additionally, the 2001 Ordinance uses a new, different and better statutory language. So the cases decided under or regarding the 1940 Act must, therefore, re-evaluate if required before they are applied to the provisions set by Trademark Ordinance 2001. Although at first sight, these provisions look similar they are slightly different in context.

What Does Lam Alif Law Offer?

Lam Alif Law offers assistance to the clients in establishing, enforcing and maintaining trademark and copyrights on a global scale. The lawyers at Lam Alif Law provide information, practical guideline, precised help in legal translation and all related services to make trademark registration easy for the client.

Instead of communicating the process, the trademark experts in Lam Alif Law create solutions for the clients. The common projects in trademark and relevant area of the practice include the following.

    • Advise on prospects of obtaining a trademark registration.
    • Advise on trademark selection and suitability.
    • Advise on practical use of trademark/label/logo in media.
    • Search for prior registrations/applications.
    • Filing the applications and proceeding to the registration.
    • Conducting the proceeding.
    • Helping in the renewal of Trademark Registration Certificate.
    • Advise and help on restoring a Registration Certificate.
    • Advise on rights on trademarks.
    • Legal drafting of purchase, sale, and license of trademark rights.
    • Watch service for a disputed trademark.
    • Conducting consultations regarding evidence concerning infringement of intellectual property rights.
    • Registration of license and agreements.
    • Challenging the de-registration actions against rivals with unregistered or misused trademarks.