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Lam Alif Law (Private) Limited is a one of the biggest online as well as offline services providing for NTN Registration, Income Tax, Sales Tax, Company Registration, Firm Registration, Weboc Registration/Importer/Exporter, Logo/Trade Marks Registration, E Deeds/Agreements Preparation, NGO/Trust/Foundations, ISO 9001:2015, E Certified Copies, E Legal Drafting and E Case Filling for all over Pakistan. It is a leading company which provide different services for the easiness of users and clients. Our services save your time and money.

We provide business formation and registration services in Pakistan. Whether you are looking to register a private limited company, partnership firm or a sole proprietorship/trader-ship, we can do the job for you. Lam Alif Law serves both upcoming (startups) and established businesses. We can provide you services anywhere in Pakistan.

We offer the following services:

    • Company Formation, Incorporation, and Registrations including construction, consultancy, event management, franchise, general trading, import/export, insurance, insurance brokerage, seed and all other types of companies
    • Foreign Company Registration help with registering Branch and Liaison Offices in Pakistan as well as Board of Investment permissions for foreigners & international companies
    • Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFC) Registration we can help you acquire licenses and register for NBFC’s like leasing, venture capital investment, housing finance, and investment advisory and management services.
    • Partnership / Firm / Form C Registration for businessmen wanting to form simple partnerships without limited liability. We can help in preparing & writing partnership deeds and other important relevant documents
    • Limited Liability Partnership for professionals looking for a flexible structure with limited liability for partners. Ideal choice for audtiors, lawyers, doctors, and joint ventures etc.
    • Sole Proprietorship Registration for small businesses owned by single persons.
    • Trade Licenses / PEC Licenses We can help you acquire trade licenses in Pakistan and other permissions required to operate your business (such as Pakistan Engineering Council Registrations, Hotel & Restaurant Permissions, Food Manufacturing Permissions etc)
    • Facilitation Services for overseas businessmen who want to invest in Pakistan. Country consultancy, car rentals, hotel reservations, translators, security and other solutions
    • Business Consultancy & Mentorship for Startups we can provide businesses and owners our consultancy solutions. We can help startups with things like business plans, financial forecasts, analysis, budgeting and change management. We also provide mentorship.
    • Local HR Recruitment & Office Space we can help you find local candidates such as a Country Representative or Country Manager. We can also find you office space.
    • NTN, Income Tax Returns, and GST Registrations
    • EOBI & Social Security Registration
    • Legal Advisory
    • Legal Retainer we can provide effective legal retainer packages starting as low as Rs. 15,000 per month only. Legal Adviser appointment is mandatory for all private limited companies with registered paid up capital of Rs. 500,000 or more as under Companies (Appointment of Legal Advisers) Act, 1974.
    • Drafting of important company documents such as memorandums (MOA) and articles of associations (AOA), company rules, board of directors resolutions, and other.
    • Annual Filing with FBR & SECP
    • Bookkeeping and Audits
    • Trademarks, Copyrights, Designs and Patents (Intellectual Property Registrations)
    • Notarisation of documents
    • Help with drafting agreements and contracts
    • PTA Licenses Help with acquiring PTA Licenses such as Toll Free Numbers, UAN Numbers, SMS Short Codes, and others.
    • Graphic work including unique designs for company logos, stationery, brochures and others.
    • Website development.